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Put yourself out there and show them what you’ve got!

by Georgiana Balan Not long ago we were posting useful tips for an interview. You know- that old-school one, from a time when you had to actually go to a company’s headquarter. If the job you’re applying for still invites you over for an interview, make sure you can check this out.

Starting a new job is a meaningful stage that should be taken seriously by both the employers and the candidates. In these uncertain times though, most of us, on either side of the barricade, had to look for new ways to make this work and conduct “contactless” interviews without losing too much of their essence.

An online interview is not that different from the traditional one. Everything you used to know still applies but there a few things you should consider before accepting that meeting and a few useful tricks you can use while preparing for the call:

  1. First of all-  what conference app are you using this time? If you have used it before and you know that nothing could go wrong, then don’t worry about the tech part, but if you haven’t heard of Zoom before, install it and give it a try before the official call so that everything will go smoothly.

  2. Like any other interview, greet everyone and reaffirm your interest in the opportunity. Don’t forget to thank the team for their time! Keep your camera on and try maintaining visual contact as much as possible by looking directly into the camera and not on the screen. Be mindful of your posture as well to convey your message accordingly. Your posture can mean anything from confidence and interest to insecurity, lack of interest, superiority, and boredom.

  3. Be an active listener so you can point out the aspects that you have an interest in. Try not to interrupt and do not hesitate to point out that the connection is bad, who knows what you’d be missing out?

  4. The background matters – and I really mean it. We all know that having a home office is not always possible, but let’s not display our bed filled with cushions or clothes. It’s best to have a neutral area behind you, so people would not be distracted from your performance.

  5. Your outfit says a lot about you as a person. It should be casual but not the “working from home, I don’t care about my coworkers anymore” type of casual. In other words, don’t get TOO comfortable. Sure, it depends on the job itself so it’s not mandatory to wear a full suit. Wear what feels right for the company, just as you’d do at a normal interview. Studies show that dressing like you are actually going to the office or like you are about to seize an important opportunity has the potential to boost your confidence.

  6. Distractions – Engage in your meeting, do your best to cover any sounds in the house or any unnecessary distractions such as notifications from your devices. This way your interviewer will know you take this seriously.

The rest of the interview should not look different from what you were accustomed to, with you talking about your professional expertise, your skills and strong points, and asking questions about the future work environment, benefits, and growth opportunities. Everyone changes at their own pace, so try not to worry so much about remote interviews and focus more on the experience as a whole. Doing your best is not a matter of context, it’s about who you are on a daily basis. So put yourself out there and show them what you’ve got! :) 

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