Important things to consider when preparing (and attending) a job interview

When we’re talking about opportunities, you won’t be able to make the most of it unless you really believe you can. So let’s review the main factors you have to focus on in order to nail that interview.

1. ATTITUDE – everything from your look (hair, clothes), posture, to your skills. So get whatever you think will boost your self-esteem in order to be confident enough to prove your hard and soft skills with relevant examples. Even if your profile does not exactly fit the job description, a “can do” attitude can sometimes be enough - just show your interest for self-development within the organization.

2. So what about clothes? They are a reflection of our PERSONALITY, so don’t try too hard to be what you are not. Believe it or not, the interviewer will sense it right away. The best you could do is look up the company on social media and try to catch a glimpse of their style. Some people come in looking way too casual, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but pay attention to the circumstances: this is still an interview, so stay safe – smart casual should do the trick.

3. Ask and Listen. You should ask anything that is in your INTEREST - details about the schedule (flexibility), work ethics, team, direct superior, chances of getting promoted and so on, but don’t forget to be an active listener. Not only will it show genuine interest in the job itself, but this will also give you the opportunity of getting everything right.

4. RESEARCH. Obviously, any interviewer will ask you if you know anything about them: they see you as a potential member of the team, so show interest, look up their website, their social media, their values and most importantly, WHAT THEY DO.

5. When it comes to your EXPERIENCE, point to your main responsibilities, talk about what you have improved during your collaboration with your current/previous employer and what you still have to work on. Offer some insights on what you perceive as being your biggest challenge and how feedback has impacted your performance. Be diplomatic about the negative parts, if you have to describe such an event, try to stay neutral since this will say more about your character than the actual situation.

6. Get there on TIME. The first impression counts and time is an important factor here, so try to be there at least 5 minutes earlier than the time scheduled. You can do that by getting your attire ready and having in mind the area where the company is located - if you are going to Pipera, Preciziei or Unirii, be sure that it will be crowded. 7. Enjoy the experience and learn from it!

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