Hello, feedback!

by Georgiana Balan (Recruitment Consultant, Aventurine Romania)

The interview The interview experience has got everyone stressed about what will happen: What if I don’t have the necessary skills? What if they don’t really like me?

It is obvious that besides the hard skills, your soft skills will more likely get you the job.

So, after you have prepared for that discussion and you’ve met the HR team (and, possibly, your future manager), what is there left to be done?

Nothing much, you just have to wait for the feedback. Yet this period is filled with tension and anxiety. It can take anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks until you hear from the recruiting team.

What should you do in the meantime?

First, establish a connection with your recruiter, he/she is human after all, so feel free to express your concerns and expectations about the job opportunity. After the interview, send them an email, thanking them for the opportunity and asking openly about the approximate time when you can expect to get some feedback.

Keep in touch, even if you are not given a clear time frame for that. There are a thousand unforeseen circumstances that might occur: maybe the manager who’s in charge of that job opening is on vacation and cannot settle everything right away. Maybe there are other urgent things they have to deal with first. Normally, every company has a system keeping track of the applicants and their progress, so if you don’t hear from them for a while, it’s for a good reason. They haven’t forgotten about you, they just need to figure some other things out.

Just send a friendly reminder, expressing your interest in the job opening, the team itself and the career plan. Wait for at least two or three days before sending that follow-up email. If another two or three days pass without any response, you can send another one. In the meantime, try not to think too much about what may be happening within the company.

Try not to think that they are avoiding you because they didn’t like you. You are not responsible for any of those things. You are only responsible for yourself and your actions. You have taken the opportunity seriously and you have presented yourself the best you could at that specific time so don’t sweat it!

If you feel like something hasn’t’ gone according to your expectations, try to think about what you could have done better, without putting too much pressure on yourself. Coming to terms with your performance and your response during tense situations is the best thing you can do. Analyze everything lucidly and learn the lesson you are supposed to without punishing yourself for something you couldn’t fully control. There are internal and external circumstances and you need to be mindful of them both, discerning between what’s in your control and what’s beyond it.

Now what? Finally, when you’ve got that feedback and if it’s a positive one, congrats! You’ve got the job!

On the other hand, try considering negative feedback as your ally in personal growth. If there are things to improve, don’t hesitate to ask your recruiter. Was it anything you could have done better? Was it about your work history? About your expertise and your hard skills? It’s good to know, so you can work on that. After all, there are so many training sessions and online courses that you can take and they will help you accomplish your career goals.

Try to see every negative situation through the lens of personal development. It’s not an obstacle on your career path- it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Maybe it was a sign that this wasn’t the right opportunity for you. Or maybe the timing was bad, maybe you just needed a little more time to acquire everything it takes to pass the interview with flying colors.

If it was about your soft skills, those are even easier to develop. Plus, you will benefit from strengthening them both in your personal and professional life. Consider signing up for some coaching workshops or reading personal development books- this will open new perspectives and help you acquire a more positive outlook on the whole process.

What are your challenges when it comes to feedback and waiting for it? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts on that.


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