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Change - we all go through it at some point in our lives

Actualizată în: 10 feb. 2019

Wether we like it or not, consciously or not. It is inevitable, I remember reading somewhere that its the way we react to change which matters as we can accept change or fight with it, run from it.
Yes, but what is real change and how do we choose it in a conscious way so it won’t choose us? First of all I have noticed its deeper and more real to try to look inside when we are about to make a significant change in our lives.. look inside, listen to our intuition, even more than our mind because our mind will try it to explain it in a logical way, with pros and cons, with patterns, compare it with what people said or will say about it. That is what the mind does, it protects us from suffering, any type of suffering and it tends to get overprotective as the years pass.. it tends to run our lives instead of being what it is, a simple tool.
Our intuition will tell us the truth more often, without thinking too much about it, all we have to do is learn how to listen to it. Have you ever had to make a decision about switching your job and ended up thinking too much, for day and night, and in the end it all became so blurry, so complicated, that you simply just wished it to go away completely? That is our mind and ultimately, it speaks from our fear(s).. should we trust it to make the change for us? I remember the decisions which I ended being most happy about came when I decided to let go of the fears, to not think about the logical step, when I started to step out of my confort zone. Those decisions were the most rewarding in the end, from many perspectives, they allowed me to grow in more ways than one.. and for sure in more ways than I thought of with my mind.
In the end it all comes to allowing ourselves to feel and to look the fear in the eye and see if its making us escape, run from something, or if its holding us back, keeping us where its comfortable and safe.. 
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